Hernia Pictures

This is a tricky one, since many pictures of hernias aren’t family friendly. I’ve done my best to list pictures of some of the common types of hernias. I know this is a very requested topic, I’ve been emailed twice with the question “what do hernias look like” so I’ve posted this. I tried to avoid the really graphic photos for the benefit of our readers at work, I’m sure you understand.

Pictures Of Hernias

Pictures include basic abdominal hernias as well as a heartbreaking umbilical hernia in a newborn baby. These are unfortunately fairly common, as the abdominal walls in both pregnant women and their babies are fairly weak. There’s also a photo of hernia surgery (during and the scar after), as well as a genital hernia in a man (blurred out the sensitive part, of course).

These Are Not All Inclusive

Bear in mind that these are at varying stages of the condition and just because your prospective hernia doesn’t look like this doesn’t mean you don’t have one. Always consult with your doctor if you’re unsure.