Hernia Recovery

Recovering from a hernia can be a frustrating and difficult experience, no matter which type you have had surgery for. Having said that, if you’re wondering if a hernia will just “go away” if you take it easy – it will not. Some hernias may be considered reducible, and not in immediate need of repair, however that doesn’t mean they’ll just go away. If you’re lucky, it won’t worsen immediately. This could last for weeks or even years, but eventually you’ll likely need surgery and thus recovery time.

Recovery Time After Hernia Surgery

The time needed for hernia surgery recovery largely depends on what type of surgery you had, whether mesh repair was involved, how complex the operation was and just how bad you had it. If you’ve had a repair operation, you should really be following your doctor’s instructions instead of reading this. If you’re just looking for a generalized idea of what to expect – then in most cases you’ll be up out of bed and moving pretty quickly and returning to your daily activities within a couple days. That’s pretty quick, but then again so are our advancements in medicine.

In most cases, your doctor will release you back to work within a week from the date of your surgery, sometimes even sooner if you have an sedentary office job. If you have a heavy physically oriented  job then you’ll have some restrictions, as to not lift weight more than 20 or so pounds and not returning to work for at least a week or more depending on what kind of work you do.

Full Recovery and Sports Activity

Ahh, the athlete in you wants to get back to the ball field as soon as possible – but don’t rush it. Full recovery often takes a full 6 weeks although most doctors are suggesting 4 weeks if you can start slow and take it easy. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is tear your incision and push recovery time off even longer. This applies to golf, running, weight lifting, swimming, basketball, tennis, bowling and other sports. Remember, follow the advice of your doctor to the tee, being a hero will often prolong the recovery time.