Hernia Surgery

As we’ve discussed on another post, a hernia will not go away on its own. Hernias do not repair themselves, it’s just not how the body works. Hernia surgery is the only way to permanently repair the bulge and tear associated with this injury. With advances in today’s modern medicine, repair procedures have become much less invasive and recovery time faster.

Hernia Operation

There are two main types of operations, open and laparoscopic. Open surgeries were exclusively used up until the 1990′s and involved a much larger opening and longer recovery time. Fortunately the majority of hernia injuries can be operated on laparoscopically, which is minimally invasive, and this hernia operation leaves very little recovery time needed. In many cases, you’ll be back to work within a few days. The entire procedure is more convenient than it was even just a decade ago.

Recovery Time After Hernia Surgery

As mentioned earlier, the recovery time after having hernia surgery is drastically reduced with having the procedure done laparoscopically – which is how the vast majority are done these days. Because of this, you’ll likely be walking around the same day as the surgery! It’ll be painful, of course, but it’s something you must do and your nurse will help you if needed. You’ll usually go home the following day and be walking around doing your daily routine within a couple days of going home. If you don’t have a very physical job, you’ll be back to work around that time as well.

Of course, with sports and other physically demanding activities your doctor will likely require a minimum of four weeks before you attempt anything of the sort – although it’s generally best to wait a full six weeks before you start playing sports or doing heavy lifting again to be on the safe side. The last thing you want to do is re-injure yourself and have to start the entire process back over again. Giving your body time to heal is a small price to pay to ensure your safety in the long term. Your chances of getting a hernia in the same place again are drastically increased if you don’t recover and heal properly.