How Can I Prevent A Hernia?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I’ve come across. Many readers want to know how to prevent a hernia, and it’s a  good question. All sorts of things are often thrown out there, so I’m going to try to do my best to answer as many of those inquires as possible.

What can I do to keep from getting a hernia?

First, make sure you’re in good health, especially your core. Frequent exercise, staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight are all factors that will lower your chances of getting a hernia. That’s really the best thing you can do, since you can’t help the hereditary factor. Next, make sure you take proper precautions if you’re going to be lifting something heavier than what you’re used to. Wear a weight belt, and lift with your legs. Yea, you’ve heard that before but it really does make a difference.

Will doing sit-ups everyday prevent a hernia?

Sure they will! Well, nothing is 100% certain but when you have a strong core (abdominal muscles) the odds of herniating something is drastically reduced. Remember though, not all hernias bulge from the abs. But, being physically fit all around is not only great hernia prevention – it’s also great for your heart and body too.

Can eating certain foods prevent a hernia?

Aside from eating healthy and not getting overweight, specific foods do not cause or prevent hernias – even a hiatal hernia. Having said that, if you do have a hiatal there are a few foods you should stay away from as to not irritate it and make it hurt more. For various reasons that are too long to go into depth with here; I suggest staying away from chocolates, acidic and fatty foods. It’s also advisable to not drink alcohol, eat smaller meals and don’t lay down or go to sleep within an hour of eating. These things can all inflame or otherwise irritate a hiatal hernia.

What else can I do for hernia prevention?

Glad you asked! Studies suggest that weak muscles are a leading contributor to hernias, so staying fit is a great idea. Smoking has shown to weaken muscles for various reasons, plus there are many important medical reasons to quit smoking. Also pay attention to your risk factors. If you’re pregnant, you’re at a much higher risk. So is being constipated, straining can cause you to herniate. If you’re pregnant and constipated – see your doctor first chance you get. Same thing goes for coughing when your sick or have allergies, it puts a strain on your midsection when you cough. Paying attention to risk factors will definitely help you prevent a hernia.

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