What To Expect After Hernia Surgery

What you might expect after having hernia surgerylargely depends on whether you have an open¬†operation or a minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure. We’re going to assume that you’ve had recently or are going to have surgery soon and thus most likely it’s going to be done laparoscopically. Just know that if you’ve had to have an old-fashioned open surgery that your recovery time will be much longer and more painful.

Right After The Operation

Immediately following the operation, you’ll be taken to your recovery room where all of your vitals are monitored. They’ll be taking specialy interest in how you’re feeling and how the stitches look. You’re going to be there for a day or so most likely (again, assuming this was done as laparoscopic surgery) and you’ll be encouraged to get out of bed and get moving around. You’ll be given pain medication to help manage the discomfort, and once you’re able to walk around on your own, hold your food down and use the bathroom you’ll be discharged to go home. This entire process usually lasts only a day. You’ll likely go home the following day after the operation – isn’t modern medicine amazing?

Hernia Surgery Recovery

Most of you are reading this to learn about the recovery time following the hernia operation. As with most minimally invasive procedures, it’s quite fast. In fact, after a couple days most of the soreness is gone and you’ll be feeling well enough to get back to your day to day activities. This could even include work if your job doesn’t require any heavy lifting or much physical labor. Even if you have to do some minor lifting at work you can probably return within a week.

Sports is the big thing. You want to be extra careful before doing any high intensity lifting or sports. A minimum of a month is required to ensure you’re fully healed and honestly I’d suggest waiting six weeks before doing any type of sport. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and you definitely want to ensure your body has more than enough time to heal before putting it to the test again. In the end, of course, be sure to follow your doctor’s advice as only he or she knows you and what’s best for you.

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