Will My Hernia Go Away?

This is an important question to answer, and just to be clear – no! One of the things that make hernias such a terrible condition is that they don’t just go away. Your abdominal wall, for example, isn’t like your skin – it won’t heal on its own. Does that mean you will have to have surgery? Not necessarily; many hernias are considered reducible,┬ámeaning they’re not an immediate danger to your health.

Reducible Hernias

Having a reducible hernia isn’t necessarily a good thing, they’re still painful and will eventually get worse. Since a hernia won’t heal on it’s own it may be weeks, months or years but eventually it’s going to need surgery or some sort of medical attention. Often, your doctor will recommend for you to wear a garment like a hernia belt to help with the symptoms. It’s usually a good idea to wear something like this during activities to help prevent the tear from getting worse.

Non-reducible hernias

These are much, much worse and is a worst-case scenario for any hernia. A non-reducible hernia has the potential to become life-threatening and requires immediate attention. These pose an especially high risk of strangulation, a potentially deadly condition where part of your intestine (or other bulging, herniated organ) becomes entangled or strangulated in the herniated opening. When this happens, blood supply is cut off from that part of the organ, causing it to die and fall off, which is definately very dangerous.

What about hernia belts?

A hernia belt doesn’t cure it, it will however help to treat the pain. The belt keeps pressure on the bulge and keeps your herniated abdominal or groin area pushed back in closer to where it belongs. These are commonly used while waiting for surgery or for those with reducible hernias during strenuous activity. They do not cure a hernia, that requires surgery.

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